Synapse and Dreamland


Pupils dilate, vision blurs,
And shadows dance,
Mind fragments, a puzzle of my own derision,
Never to be solved,
Other thoughts, other minds,
A bombardment of ideas, senses, losses, hope and pain,
Concealed in the subconscious lie,
Infinite, pure and corrupt, flourishing in my soul,
So much power coursing through my veins,
Pouring through every aspect of my life,
Forever, no memories of my own,
My own is theirs,
Theirs are my own,
Who am I and why must I experience their lives?
I crave it but
Snaps me back, tugs the string and it begins,


Thoughts are broken in a river,
Bright light above my head,
Burning my mind,

The sweeping light in the darkness the rotary blades whir,
Surfaces cold to touch, my hands ice
And everything I touch is consumed
I dart from the alley avoiding the sweeping light,
My heart beats fast,
Voices near,

A needle so sharp,
A constant drumming in my ear with,
Numbness messing my senses,
I sleep.

Red coat blowing in the breeze,
Causally moving forward with every step.
A snake in my hand, loaded with death,
To kill those who cower in fear,
The abrupt roar shattering the silence,
I was betrayed once before,
Now you will be no more.

To awake,
Chasing shadows,
Synapses strain and spark,
Such pain in a paralysed body,
So raw, my mind deceives me and wanders,
Once more.

Insanity in the darkness,
Drip, drip, drip,
Blood all around me,
Snap the neck and another dies,
I see you now,
The cause of my crisis,
Your shadows gather,
And we dance as hunters.

New memories,
All bleeding together,
I assimilate the past and my own sense of self
Is lost,
I am one,
But many,
I want to sleep,
But once more,
I am breached.


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