Serials will be short free stories that will crop up from time to time either here or on the subreddit, and will usually follow lesser/minor characters that exist within the Infinitum’s many Spheres. Though for now the primary focus will be on those existing within the Infinitum Sphere-19.

The Children of the Entity

A collection of Tales following the supernatural shenanigans of seven being chosens by the Entity ‘Patience’ to shape the universe at large. 


The Fall Years: Roswell (1947)

A miniseries following the events that came after the fall of the Lazarus Moon Base. Told from the perspective of Kor, a Kaskari Ascender that barely survived the demise of his scout ship at the hands of the man-made Deterrent Morte.


A miniseries detailing the consequences of discovering an alien skeleton hidden deep inside one of the barrows around Stonehenge. The contents found alongside it will revolutionise technology and set humanity down the path of a Dark Enlightenment.

The Grey Archive

In the years after Stonehenge was revealed to house alien technology, Charles Grey took a deeper interest in all things abnormal. The ARC Institute, OIS, CTF and more all play a part in securing, destroying and where necessary containing threats that defy even the universe itself. The Grey Archive Sites are not just a record of scientific study these sites contain things that would drive a lesser man to insanity.


Symbiosis follows the daily life of Naoki Hayashi, a salaryman working for Fendite Industries. His dreary virtual work often involves handling various insurance claims for different clients. One night after work, he and his friend Hansuke Enomoto visit an English themed pub called the Clockwork King in the remote part of Sector 9. After visiting the pub they go to return home where they are ambushed by the Vigil Agent, Saeki Mochizuki. Hansuke is murdered while Naoki narrowly escapes with his life. In part this is thanks to the Mortan Matriarch, Mae Li who is forced to plant him in order to save his life. This would change his life forever, however he is driven by only one singular cause. To avenge the death of his friend.