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The Syndicate has a controlling interest in Foundation Sector 9 of old Tokyo city. Headed by the Godfather/Invisible Hand Eiji Kobayashi, it’s highly implied that these Mortans are in some way connected to another enduring shadow organisation, the Yakuza. Eiji’s Mortans self regulate their section and only target those that are independent or threatening to draw the attention of the various counter organisations that exist. It’s Doctor Li, a Mortan Matriarch that places the Symbiote inside Naoki Hayashi.

The Syndicates activities revolve around making life easier for a growing Mortan population while supporting those who may be unable to help themselves. This can range from acquiring or producing Antemortezyn and using a Mortan’s natural adaptability to aid in issues related to Cyber based rejection. They also deal in illegal weapon imports and acquiring difficult to get Mods while offering protection services. The Syndicate orientated stories deal with how this criminal organisation changes as the powers of the world move to a great stage.


Naoki Hayashi is a Virtual Service Agent working for the Fendite Corporation. His dream has always been to earn a promotion that will see him elevated to Neo Asahi; the Utopia above the Foundation Sectors. He sees this Utopia as an escape from his struggles as an Under-dweller. However, on one fateful night that dream comes crashing down around him. After witnessing his friend die and nearly be killed himself. He is saved by a Mortan named Mae Li, who integrates him into her family by planting a symbiote inside him. Now that his future hangs in the balance. If he is to survive and take revenge on his friend’s killer, he must embrace the monster that now lies within.

Meanwhile the one responsible for nearly killing him, carries their own growing burden. Born from malignant science and twisted experimentation. Nise is a living lie living on borrowed time. With the Vigil Agency brought in to investigate this recent incident. The truth of who he actually is, draws ever closer. 

The Mortalis Series (2086+)

In 1947, years of war and bloodshed finally culminated in Humanity falling foul to the seeds of the Mortalis that had been scattered across the Earth many centuries earlier. This combined with the Roswell crash signalled the beginning of the Fall Years. Approximately fourty years later, a race of beings known as the Kaskari Ascenders running from their own demise reached planet Earth and later descended bringing with them a means to better combat the Mortalis threat.

More than a hundred years after this cultural and technological shift, a crude but ambitious civilisation has risen out of stagnation. But that only brings with it a brave new world of problems as two similar but distinct races look to further expand beyond Earth’s frontier whilst also consolidating the power they have back home. Even the threat of the Mortalis remains an ever constant. But even more creatures from the Void beyond worlds are showing up in greater numbers. 

Bleeding Effect

The first book in the Mortalis Series is Memories of Steel. Set in a grimdark fantasy/cyberpunk future of 2089, over a hundred years after aliens known as Kaskari Ascenders came to Earth and were given a home. Both human and alien have learned to coexist on a planet shaped evermore by dangerous technology and psionic powers. In the shadow of the Soviet Imperium’s Civil War, a scientist, Doctor Yana Ermakova is enslaved to follow the will of the Imperium till her dying breath. Destined to live her life out in Lieber, a chance meeting with the Governance of the Vigil Agency in the Virtual Nexus Game, Odyssey’s Fall leads her onto a path that will set her against her masters. 

While in the underbelly of Old Tokyo city, an agent of the Vigil is chosen by the Governance Alicia to lead a rescue mission aimed at freeing Yana. But with a nation as strict as the Soviet Unity, the only way in is by its complex and unusual prison system. For Brugge Schmidt, this journey takes him to VORKUTA to face more than the harsh Russian winter. And at the end of it all, getting in may be easy but getting out is a different story altogether. 



Red Winter


The Dominion Series (2100+) 

The galaxy is opening up to a resurgent planet Earth led by a tentative Human/Ascender alliance that saved both species from extinction. But the Earth is no less dangerous as the Mortalis that brought down the Ascenders centuries ago continue to plague the Earth. 

The Dominion Stories follow the Reidefell Company as its Bounty Hunters desperately fight to protect their world from a host of monstrosities spat out by the Aether or created by science many thought buried in the brief Dark Enlightenment. 

These stories will mainly follow, Warren Young and his friends after their graduation from the Reidefell Academy. They are thrust into a world more than willing to destroy them. But they are prepared to give it back in spades. 

The Bounty Hunter’s Apprentice

This mini-series focuses on the mentor/apprentice relationship fostered by the Reidefell Company. One of the few Bounty Hunter agencies that allow its Hunters to partner up in order for the new blood to be initiated ideally without them losing their lives. Often serving two or more years with an established hunter is intended to help prepare them for the reality of their job.

Mercy and Rose

Warren is a rare case of being an apprentice to two separate Bounty Hunters. Prior to his enrolment into the Academy, Warren got a taste of the job by working alongside his adoptive mother, Claire Delaney better known as Mercy.

After graduation he ends up alongside Mitsuki Akira. A Bounty Hunter that just happens to be part Mortalis. Together they face the Syndicate and its Seeds of Anarchy.


In IS-60 a smaller universe exists, centred on planet Earth. In this parallel reality human civilisation finds itself stagnating, suppressed in every way possible. For Thomas Wilde, escaping that mundane life begins with the deviance of Sarah Hayes. 

The Sphere Master: Lord Mad and Lady Patience 

Whilst events in the Infinitum play out as an ever constant, the Sphere Master, Lord Mad has grown tired of simply observing and shaping it alone. Coupled with this feeling of loneliness he creates a unsanctioned being – Patience. 

The Forbidden Order: Cycle of Ending

Out of the ashes of his family’s demise, Darius Ulzingor resolves himself to discovering the person that orchestrated their deaths. It will lead him down a path of magic into a war that goes beyond the Material Plane.