The Forge

A flash of light,
piece of clay,
Warping, twisting,
In the light of old forges,
History written,
Ever evolving.

Death and demise,
And hate,
Victims of imperfection.
Fulfilment beckoned,
One mind,
Body and soul
Humanity, joining to unite under
one singular conscious

The string is unravelling
Loosening its shackles
Liberating the sense of self.

Humanity’s bane and blessing
lies with its uniqueness

In the end
It does not matter
What we do
What the consequences are
For our life is tiny
Nature will roll on
With or without us.

We are one small tale.
And someday it will end.



We served a cause,
That we hoped would bring peace.

We waged their war,
And watched the suffering, and, thousands dying forever more,

Falling in their Thousands,
Men, women, and children,
Innocents caught in the sight,
Of the machine gun barrel.

As our blood,
And theirs spilled,
On ancient sands.

They fled West,
Seeking refuge from the oncoming storm.

We came to an already war torn land
And left it red with the dead.

As for me,
I returned home,
No welcome, no help,
Left to linger on empty streets,
A starved victim of their war,
Cast aside,
And damned to die,
Forgotten ever more.


Synapse and Dreamland


Pupils dilate, vision blurs,
And shadows dance,
Mind fragments, a puzzle of my own derision,
Never to be solved,
Other thoughts, other minds,
A bombardment of ideas, senses, losses, hope and pain,
Concealed in the subconscious lie,
Infinite, pure and corrupt, flourishing in my soul,
So much power coursing through my veins,
Pouring through every aspect of my life,
Forever, no memories of my own,
My own is theirs,
Theirs are my own,
Who am I and why must I experience their lives?
I crave it but
Snaps me back, tugs the string and it begins,


Thoughts are broken in a river,
Bright light above my head,
Burning my mind,

The sweeping light in the darkness the rotary blades whir,
Surfaces cold to touch, my hands ice
And everything I touch is consumed
I dart from the alley avoiding the sweeping light,
My heart beats fast,
Voices near,

A needle so sharp,
A constant drumming in my ear with,
Numbness messing my senses,
I sleep.

Red coat blowing in the breeze,
Causally moving forward with every step.
A snake in my hand, loaded with death,
To kill those who cower in fear,
The abrupt roar shattering the silence,
I was betrayed once before,
Now you will be no more.

To awake,
Chasing shadows,
Synapses strain and spark,
Such pain in a paralysed body,
So raw, my mind deceives me and wanders,
Once more.

Insanity in the darkness,
Drip, drip, drip,
Blood all around me,
Snap the neck and another dies,
I see you now,
The cause of my crisis,
Your shadows gather,
And we dance as hunters.

New memories,
All bleeding together,
I assimilate the past and my own sense of self
Is lost,
I am one,
But many,
I want to sleep,
But once more,
I am breached.



I feel nothing.
No God can forgive my sins.
No Devil can appease my hunger.

The games I play,
The lives I sacrifice,
All but pebbles.

In the grandest of seas,
They meet gracious ends,
Discover new beginnings.

It’s in here,
In the dark recesses,
Of the human mind,
We breed your wildest of desires,
And darkest of fears.



The world folds,
Our reality torn asunder,
Rebuilt in mind of the total.

Our every movement,
Scrutinised, Analysed and Catalogued,
Our future paved through toil.

Our blood,
Returns to the earth,
The core of self,

One body born of ea mind lost to time.
War is waged with the instruments

They pretend to stand as our equal,
To delude us with the concept of freedom,
What is language when it distorts the truth,
What is lies when passed as history,
What is to be our fate,
When the barrel is already pressed
Against our cold dead head?

They control us,
They own us,
What is humanity,
And what will it become.

Are we destined to be their,